girl transforms into man, I usually do not drink very often. Aaron brought some beer and chips.

Girl transforms into man: Well, I said, let me get dressed. Come here, I got something I have to show you.

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Well, no, I said I’m having fun, I had to be wasted? Do you remember what you did last night? Hey, how are you this morning.

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To my surprise, it was Aaron. retro shemale gallery  image of retro shemale gallery , The phone rang Thinking that it was my wife, I told her as cheerful as I could.

When I got out of the shower. I was going about my morning routine, get some breakfast and coffee. Because I did not have recolection be drunk at all.


I remember thinking to myself how strange it was. I remembered the first part of the game, after that the rest of the day was pretty much empty.

I also felt very relaxed and I could not even remember coming home. I seemed to be a kind of malfunction just a little, as I was still a little drunk, or something.

The next morning I got up a little later than usual. But hell, why not, a beer or two sounded pretty good. I may have 6 or 8 beers throughout the summer.